Brain Drugs! Erbz for ya Beautiful Mind

Posted by Bree Pearson on 31st Oct 2017

Rhodiola (Golden Root)- Legit one of our fave herbs! It helps with improving your mood and alleviating depression. Rhodiola raises your serotonin and dopamine levels so it's bloody fab after a huge weekend or of course just general use as well.

Ashwagandha- This herb is perf for stabilising your mood and supporting optimal physical and emotion well being. It can also be used for improving your memory, focus and endurance. Mainly though this lil baby is used to keep that immune system/body of yours in tip top shape. Gotta look after that vessel!

Maca Powder/Root- An adaptogen! (a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress/alleviates stress). So basically maca is used for LITERALLY everything, from helping to maintain your energy levels, this sucka is also used to heighten sexual libido (what!?), the root provides high levels of nutrients for the body's endocrine system. Full of awesome vitamins and minerals, literally such a flamin' good herb.

Ginseng- A natural upper/energy booster and adaptogen. Used in loads of party blends and natural energy pills to ensure a fab night and a good ol' boogie woogie. Also used to promote a sense of well-being and endurance, an anti-depressant and for your memory as well!

Kola Nut- Deriving from India and referred to as "the most spiritual of all herbs", this one is used by Yogi's to increase meditative states. It enhances brain power and balances both lobes in ya brain. Super rejuvenating and used in so many blends to help uni students through their studies. It's fantastic for concentration.

Brahmi- A natural Nootropic and adaptogen!!! Sooo good. Often used with the elderly to help keep their minds in shape. Super good for helping with stress, anxiety and even some symptoms of depression. Only thing is that you can't take this one on an empty stomach cause it might make ya feel a wee bit nauseous.

Lastly, and surprisingly,

Green Tea- Having a cup of this at the start of your day is actually so amazingly handy. Although it's only a mild stimulant, it's easy as pie to get your hands on, a great alternative to coffee and basically most people have it in their kitchen anyway so why not start your day off with one!?