Convenience On Your Arm!

Posted by Bree Pearson on 30th May 2017

Howdy groovers! Do you consider yourself a sporty person?? Do you love a good run around the streets of your hood? Perhaps a cheeky swim in the local lap pool? Or perhaps you’re more like me and prefer the festival life! Either way, we have ya’ll sorted!! What do all these activities have in common? You NEED somewhere to store your belongings while you’re out and about, right?? I got two words for you baby. Arm…Wallets. Arm. Wallets. Yeahhh! These suckers have been kicking around for freakin’ yonks but SOMETIMES we manage to do a little forgettsy and live life harder than we should be, which is fine, that’s what I’m here for!

For the jogging crew, we all love listening to some tunes while we do our weekly jog (yes I said weekly, sometimes it’s monthly. Don’t judge me). For the ones who are able to store their ipod or mp3 somewhere (comfortably and conveniently) in their clothing, consider yourselves lucky! For those of us who struggle to fit anything into our teeny, weeny gym pants, get yourself an ARM WALLET! Put the house key in there, maybe some cashola for a cheeky beer post-run (because you earnt it) and whatever else you need and you’re set! Seriously, it’s like a lil miracle on your arm, its only purpose being to serve you and make you happy. So sweet, so caring.

For the festival goers, one of these contraptions is like a freakin’ DREAM, let me tell you from personal experience! There is nothing worse than attending your fave Splendour In The Grass or Stereosonic boogie fests with a huge ass clunky bag hanging off your side. Or worse, jangling around in your pockets where shit can get easily lost. Do yourself a favour and grab an arm wallet to strap around you and ENSURE that all your valuables are well looked after.

For those that enjoy a good ol’ swim- you needn’t fear the potential cretin pinching your precious belongings while you’re breaststroking like a champion, thanks to ARM WALLETS. Think about the amount of times you’ve gone down to the beach in Mexico, left your priceless Gucci watch and half naked photos of your girlfriend in your bag, only to find them GONE when you get back! Well, no longer my friends. Why?? Because. Arm wallets. That’s why. Waterproof ones are available so that you can ensure all your goodies are safe and sound in the salty sea or the public pool!

They come in plenty of sizes depending on how big or small your arm may be, some can even get the largest size and use it around their leg for subtlety whilst walkin’ the dangerous streets after bed time!

Grab one here

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Adios Amigos!