"Don't be at the party, BE the party" with our 24 Karat Gold papers

Posted by Nae Nae on 7th Nov 2020

"Don't be at the party, BE the party" with our 24 Karat Gold papers

Looking at all you bougie alien babes! We welcome you to the wonderful world of luxury with our 24 Karat Gold Rolling Papers, Pre-rolled Cones and gift sets available at 



How do they work?!? 

Shine starts off with an organic hemp base paper and dips and drips it in luxurious real 24K golden flakes. Gold has been a highly valuable material for thousands of years all across the globe. Many cultures have sworn by its medicinal properties and health benefits like improving blood circulation, skincare, arthritis and addiction. Now, while we all know there's nothing healthy about smoking, these golden babies are completely safe to ingest and are made from 100% edible food grade 24K Gold. 

Our Golden papers are a smooth, slow burning smoke giving you all the time to savour that sweet, sweet herb! 

Perfect for date night, birthdays, christmas gifts or to show off at those fancy work events where ya wanna show up looking shmick. Wrap yourstanky dank up or pack it into one of our pre-rolled cones and sit back and enjoy the experience in full glamorous style.  We can guarantee you'll be the talk of the evening if you're whipping out one of these bad boys. 

They scream sophistication, style, class and They'll even make ya ash golden goodness! 

Gang gang 

Still not convinced?

Shine papers are sold globally in over 20 countries and endorsed by some BIG names - namely Tyga who recently invested $5 million dollareedooos in the company. OOFT! 

Comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Available in store and online