Who Doesn't Love a Good Drink Ay!?

Posted by Brianna Pearson on 14th Jun 2017

So ya’ll know that we obviously sling the best herbs in town, the most effective drug test kits in the biz, the tastiest space cakeys to get you feelin’ all loved up. But did you know that we also make an incredibly tasty beverage? Be it hot or cold, we be servin’ up the most deeeelish drinky poo’s in Brisbane!

I’ll begin with our insane “Twin Peaking” coffee blend. It is a smooth, rich blend with undertones of raspberry and a punchy, chocolate, blackcurrant taste to start. It is extremely enjoyable as espresso, poured over ice with or without milk and as a long black or creamy latte. It sits well in any form! We also dabble in making your coffee a little colourful!! So pop on in and try your form of our Twin Peaking blend today! 

We also do a spectacular choccy milk. The finest cocoa powder with a touch of sugar, a pinch of salt and a whole lotta love, you can enjoy this mix with milk over ice or nice and hot for ya lil belly in this chilly weather!

Another goodie would be our little Moondust latte!! (mmm…what a treat that is!) The elixir consists of turmeric, ginger, organic vanilla, cinammon and black pepper. Mix that in with a bit of coco quench and you’ve got yourself a party!! Serve over ice or enjoy steamy hot!

Rushy Slushies are our newest and funnest invention! Starting with a variety of flavours (changing with each month), you can grab yourself a raspberry, lime, blue raspberry or lemon slushie and add our awesome shot of RUSH to it. Moonshine, x-treme bliss, Bush Tea and all sorts of goodies to give you that NATURAL, high!

Come on in and get something warm, hot, cool or freezing and enjoy!