Bud Bomb

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200.00 Grams
12.00 (cm)
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6.00 (cm)
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The original Bud bomb is a almost indestructible metal pipe with a unique helix design. This circular inner part makes the smoke travel a longer distance before it reaches your lungs, cooling it for the perfect hit. At the same time this feature filters the smoke a little, allowing a better taste.

How To Use:

The Bud bomb consists of 4 parts that can assembled and disassembled with ease. To clean, simply rinse a part in hot water. Regular cleaning is recommended to keep the smoke as smooth as possible.


Length: approximately 10 cm.


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    Posted by Joy Anderson on 13th Jan 2021

    I told one of your staff I had a week-long trip planned with the inlaws and needed something discreet and smokeless and she suggested this beauty!!!! These are actually the best little pipe, super smooth and smoke really well - they don't get super hot like other metal pipes and they're a great travel companion. Well worth the price!!!