Ultra Cleanse Hair Shampoo

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50.00 Grams

Product Overview

The Ultra Cleanse Hair Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner is a two-in-one product designed to remove toxins from the hair. The company offers a 500 percent money back guarantee for any customer who isn’t satisfied with their product. The company requires documentation of the drug or alcohol test failure, a UPC code and the dated receipt. In return, a customer receives a refund of 500 percent of the cost he paid for the product.


Use the Ultra Cleanse Hair Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner by first wetting your hair. Apply half of a bottle to your hair and massage through. Leave the product on for at least three minutes and then rinse completely.


While the Ultra Cleanse system was designed for drug and alcohol users, it carries no guarantee that a user will pass a drug or alcohol test. Certain tests now look for masking and detox products, which results in a failure. Some companies that take hair samples for drug testing now test hair for products such as this, which results in an automatic failure. If you test positive, you fail the test, but this failure isn't covered under the company's guarantee.

Other Uses

The Ultra Cleanse system helps remove daily toxins from your hair, including damage from cigarette smoke and alcohol. While it’s too expensive to use every day, it’s worthwhile to use it once a month or less frequently.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review