Budbomb 101

Budbomb 101

Prtyplanet, Brisbane, is a proud stockist of the original Budbomb.

Founded in 1993, Budbomb is a specialist in the design and manufacture of industry-leading vaping products. They offer high-quality goods while maintaining high ethical standards.

The budbomb is an incredibly solid, smokeless pipe especially when it is compared to the flimsy glass chillum models which make up the majority of the market. It comes in a variety of colours which is great, because this is the kind of piece you’re going to own for quite a while.

The Budbomb is super sleak pipe with a built in cooling system..smoke is drawn around the inner coil which cools the smoke before it reaches your mouth. This pipe comes apart for easy cleaning & maintenance for a smooth and flavourful smoking experience!

Put simply, the budbomb is one of the best in the australian market. To back up my claim here's a snippet from Reddit user Aphoticbase's review. 

"So. It's a pipe that has a spiral in the main chamber that's meant to cool your smoke and so far, the experiences I've had with it have been phenomenal. This pipe takes abuse like a champ, you can pack a bowl and leave it in there and toke on the go because it extinguishes itself as soon as you take away the lighter. The pipe has 3 holes in the front where you apply the flame, and this ensures that you get a steady and consistent draw every single time. The bowl itself can hold about .5g and when the smoke is pulled through, you get a cool smoke (unless you apply the flame for too long, around 3-5 seconds is best) and you can even have a vapour like smoke if you run the coil under water for a bit and then leave it in the freezer for 5-10 mins before you smoke.

tl;dr: Great pipe for the price, stealthy, packs a decent bowl, very durable and doesn't require maintenance often."

Buy it here or pick it up at our Brisbane store : 8/8 Duncan St, Fortitude Valley.

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