How to pass a drug test!

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How to pass a drug test!

Medical coming up?

No worries. Prtyplanet have got you sorted. When it comes to detoxing we are experts in the field and stock a large range of products to get you on your way. Need the product today? Pick up at our local Brisbane store located in Fortitude Valley.

Leading the pack, we are proud suppliers of Zydot products- the oldest detox drink on the market. Zydot have been around since 1987 and have had plenty of time to perfect their recipe to become the most reputable detox drink around. Zydot are so sure of their products that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. We stock 3 Zydot Ultra Blend Detox Drink flavours, tropical, orange and cherry. If drinks don't take your fancy then try Zydot Expelit Capsules (4 pack). These handy caps will do exactly the same thing just with less to consume. However, Zydot drinks are by far the most popular. 

The following information will help Zydot Ultimate Blend to be as effective as possible, and should be followed carefully before drinking the product.

    • Drink plenty of water during the week prior to product use. Water is vital to your body’s natural cleansing process.
    • Exercise regularly. Aerobic exercise raises your metabolism and eliminates toxins through sweat and urination. However, do not exercise the day of product use.
    • Avoid toxins and toxic environments 24 to 48 hours before product use. Also avoid alcoholic beverages, unprescribed and over-the-counter medications, acidic liquids, salty foods (salt makes your body retain water) and large amounts of vitamins.
    • Eat healthy. Foods high in fat slow the cleansing process. Also certain toxins are stored in fat cells, sometimes for months after exposure.
    • One bottle or Expelit packet is good for up to 85kg



Coming in hot we also have Ultra Mask 1 Hour Formula. 

Consumed 1hr prior to giving your sample, Ultra Mask effectively removes all "Toxins" from your urine for up to 5hrs! Ultra Mask contains all natural ingredients, Herbal extracts, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Creatine. Ultra Mask is non detectable in tests as it is an all natural product, not a chemical masking agent. The manufacturers of Ultra Mask have attained a 99.5% success rate when trialled under controlled test conditions. 

Each 750ml bottle of Ultra Mask is rated by the manufacturer for:

- Users up to 100kg in weight. It is recommended those over 100kg in weight take Power Flush or Stat Flush capsules in addition to B-Clear, no matter what the time frame since their last “indiscretion”.

- Light to moderate users that will have at least 3 days between their last “indiscretion” and their test. If under 3 days, it’s recommended that Power Flush or Stat Flush capsules be used in addition to B-Clear.

- Frequent, heavy users that will have at least 14 days between their last “indiscretion” and their test. If under 14 days, it’s recommended that Power Flush or Stat Flush capsules be used in addition to B-Clear.

Please Note: Someone that “partakes” three times per week, or more, is classified as a heavy user.


In Brisbane and need the product TODAY? 

Pop into our Fortitude Valley store at 8/8 Duncan St, Fortitude Valley. Ann st side of Chinatown mall. 


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