Billy Mate Mouthpiece Kit with Filters

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Billy Mate Silicone Mouthpiece Kit

This versatile mouthpiece could be use on waterpipes, pipes, joints, vapes, shisha and many more! It's a bloody LIFE-CHANGER!

The Activated Carbon Got-Yaa Filter removes tar and toxins and prevent Rez Lips without affecting the airflow or the good stuff.

Kit inclusions:

  • Billy Mate Silicone Mouthpiece
  • 4x Activated Carbon Got-Yaa Filter
  • 1x Lanyard

Product details:

  • 6cm in height (approximately)
  • Maximum mouthpiece diameter is 50mm
  • Outside Mouth opening diameter is 40mm
  • Made of high quality medical grade silicone
  • Could be trim to fit

Colour chosen at random and subject to availability