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Similar to mullein.  

The name of this herb means ‘cough stopper’ and has been used for that very reason for millennia. Coltsfoot clears mucous from the lungs, soothes lung tissue and stops wheezing. It is excellent for whooping cough, chronic or acute bronchitis, irritating dry cough and asthma. Coltsfoot contains small amounts of zinc; this has resulted in its restriction in Australia. Legally, coltsfoot cannot be taken as a tea (despite millennia of safe use) but it can be smoked, which surprisingly still works wonders for coughs and damaged lungs. Outside Australia, Coltsfoot is also used as a preventative to the common cold and influenza, by chewing a small quid of the herb at the first sign of a sore throat, to allow the juice to slowly drip onto the throat.

Preparation: Outside of Australia, coltsfoot can be taken as a tea (1 tsp per cup). In Australia, mix with tobacco to minimise negative effects of the tobacco, or smoke small amounts over the day for coughs.