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Guarana is a potent stimulant herb from South America and one of the highest sources of caffeine in the plant world; 2 and a half times more than coffee. The crushed seeds are consumed for their strong stimulant effect on the nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Guarana contains the stimulant alkaloids; theobromine and guaranine as well as caffeine. These provide later onset and longer lasting stimulation. This tasty herb is a natural aphrodisiac and stimulant. 

Preparation : 1 tsp/cup, Steep covered 10 minutes. Serve Size: 1-3g

Add 1 teaspoon of Go-Go-Guarana powder to 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix into a paste add hot water and milk. Can also be added to juice or smoothies. Blends well with Suma, Siberian Ginseng and Lemon Myrtle. Delicious!!!