HeadChef Spaceman Grinder - Bronze

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Ergonomically designed like something you would find on a UFO, this extra-terrestrial grinder features diamond shaped laser beam cut ultra sharp teeth capable of shredding any herb known to man. Lightweight and incredibly satisfying to use, these grinders feel great in the hand and grind seamlessly with no screeching.


Like all sifter grinders this item contains a fine mesh layer located in the lower compartment that filters and stores the most potent parts of your herbs, either use it when you've got no herbs left or add a sprinkle for extra potency whenever you like. This premium grinder comes included with a branded luxury carry pouch, sifter scraper, information inlay card and thick carded box.

  • GRIND CONTROL TO PLANET EARTH… – For the perfect grind every time, the Spaceman 55mm 4 Piece Grinder has two sets of laser beam cut, ultra-sharp teeth which make light work of even the toughest herbs, spices and tobacco.
  • PREMIUM, ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The ergonomic design of the grinder gives you maximum control whilst handling and using it, ensuring that you can grind your herbs effortlessly. The embossed Headchef Spaceman logo has been meticulously etched on the top of the grinder making it stand out from the crowd.
  • VERSATILE STORAGE & PORTABILITY – The strong magnetic lid fits snugly on top of the grinder to ensure that no produce spills out while being used or stored, even when the grinder is upside down. Complete with a luxury felt travel bag, you can be safe in the knowledge that the contents are secure and that nothing will fall out.
  • MULTIPLE COMPARTMENTS – The centre portion of the grinder collects and stores a batch of herbs for when you’re ready to use it. The bottom section of the grinder has a sifter layer with a metal gauze to filter even the finest of particles and collect the most potent batch. It also comes with an included sifter scraper so you can easily scoop out the sift and not leave anything behind.