King Palm Cones

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King Palm wraps are a great alternative to tobacco wraps, they are made from all natural products. Each roll is handmade and individually picked from the plant and cleaned in purified water. They are super slow burning and contain no harmful additives. There is no need to split open, or lick the wraps as they are ready to go. They come with a corn husk cooling filter tip and a wooden packing tool.

Take your smoking experience to the next level, simply squeeze and pop the filter tip for a rush of delicious flavor. When the filter is popped, the natural terpenes will release and activate the refreshing watermelon flavor. These flavored tips are also made with natural ingredients just like the flavors. King Palm uses organic corn husk to craft these filter tips for the most eco-friendly smoking experience possible!

Product Details:

  • Hand Made
  • Brand: King Palm
  • Size: Mini
  • Holds 1 gram each
  • Corn Husk Filter
  • Tobacco FREE
  • Nicotine FREE

Box Contains:

  • 2x rolls in each wrap and 1x Wooden packing tool