Orchard beach farms terpene infused king size cone

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Each pre-rolled cone is neatly packaged in a glass joint tube. It has an airtight screw-on lid that means the tube can be used again once the cone is packed, and then reused again and again. Each tube also includes a packing stick to help the cone keep its shape before it’s packed, and to pack the cone evenly and just tight enough. 

ORCHARD BEACH FARMS | Orchard Beach Farms is a terpene brand known for producing high-quality, unique flavor profiles. These complement the natural flavors of the cannabis nicely. 

KING SIZE | Each Orchard Beach Cone is a pre-rolled king size cone. It can fit about 1.5g of herbs inside. 

UNBLEACHED PAPER | The rolling papers are made of unrefined, unbleached papers with no chemicals or additives. You can be sure you’re enjoying a clean product. 

12CT DISPLAY | Each king size cone is packed in a single-count glass joint tube with a black screw-on lid. Each tube also includes a packing stick