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VERY POPULAR! This herbal blend has been carefully crafted to support a reduction in cannabis use.  It includes addiction interrupter's and some of our favourite mellow and dreamy herbs to help you relax and unwind.

Contains Mugwort so it must not be used when pregnant.


Contents: Damiana, Catnip, Lobelia, California Poppy, Coltsfoot, Hops, and Mugwort. Herbs may vary depending on availability.

Damiana is a gentle mood lifter, potentiated by Catnip and smoothed by California Poppy. Hops is for a mellowing sensation whilst Coltsfoot is an excellent lung herb, and finally, Mugwort will assist in reclaiming lost dreams!

Preparation: May be smoked. Although our herbal blends are 100% natural and free from nicotine, we advise against smoking as it is harmful.