Rockstar Stash Can

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This Secret Rockstar Energy Drink Can will easily blend into its surroundings and therefore keep your valuables safe no matter where you put it. Simply twist open the top of the Rockstar Can to reveal the secret compartment and place inside your valuables such as money, keys, jewellery, USB sticks or any other item you want to keep in discretion. The screw-off top lid securely integrates into the can, so no one will ever notice that it actually has a secret chamber instead of an energy drink on the inside. For some extra layers of protection this one can be popped in the fridge as long as you've got your valuables sealed in a waterproof bag. No one will check the fridge ;)  The Secret Can is professionally handmade out of original Rockstar Energy Drink Can and it is even weighted to feel full. It does not contain any liquid.