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A new product from Zydot, the Expelit Rapid Body Cleansing Capsules (4 per pack) do the same thing as Zydot Ultimate Blend, in a much smaller packet.


Zydot created EXPELIT Rapid Body Cleansing Capsules to help your body expel toxins quickly and effectively in the easiest and most convenient way possible. We separated the essential ingredients from our ULTIMATE BLEND products and then refined them to a concentrated pharmaceutical grade compound not found commercially before this.

By eliminating artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and sugars, we were able to produce a formula that is more concentrated than our detox drinks and still provides you with the pure cleansing power that you have come to expect from Zydot.


Allow approximately 2½ to 3 hours to comfortably complete the cleansing process 

(steps 1 – 4).

Water should be consumed throughout the day, but not to excess.

  1. Drink 16 to 24 oz. glass of water 1 hour before taking EXPELIT Rapid Body Cleansing Capsules to help remove existing toxins in your bladder.
  2. Take ALL FOUR of the enclosed EXPELIT Rapid Body Cleansing Capsules with 16 ounces of water.
  3. 15 minutes after Step 2, drink another 16 oz. of water.
  4. You MUST urinate at least 3 times to eliminate toxins from your body. Then you will experience guaranteed satisfaction for 4 to 5 hours.