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Looking for How to Pass a Drug Test?
Need Clean Urine?

Don't go past our Original Detox Drink, Zydot Ultimate Blend.

All Natural Ingredients. Honest, Reliable, Fast.

Removes traces of Toxins from your Urine.

Quickly and abruptly Flushes and Removes Toxins out of your body, so you are clean and ready for whatever test may arise!

Works in approximately 2Hrs ~ Effective for up to 5Hrs

Drink is to be consumed ON THE DAY you need to be Toxin-Free and clean!

**1 Bottle of Zydot Ultimate Blend will work up to 85Kgs; if you weigh more, additional bottles will be required**
***Money Back Guarantee***

Always Test Clean

Money Back Guarantee:
Zydot offers a money back guarantee on all of their products. If you are not satisfied with your product, Zydot will offer a full refund.
To find out more about their guarantee or how to make a claim please visit Zydots website for details.

We are unable to claim a refund on your behalf as Zydot has a strict policy that the customer must contact them directly to make a guarantee claim.

 **This Website seller does NOT issue refunds for failed teats you must contact Zydot directly yourself as per instructions on bottle.